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The Standard Approved Long-Term Disability Appeal for Client in Naples, Florida

Dabdoub Law Firm and our long-term disability insurance attorneys are proud to be able to say we have once again helped a client in need secure much needed long-term disability (LTD) benefits. Our client, who lives in Naples, Florida, recently received an approval of her long-term disability appeal from The Standard, which had previously decided to terminate her LTD benefits early. She will return to receiving monthly LTD benefits due to the success of the appeal.

Important Details of The Standard Appeal Case

Our client was receiving LTD benefits for nearly two years without a problem when her benefits were unexpectedly terminated when the definition of “disability” changed in her LTD policy. The Standard determined she was no longer entitled to benefits and argued that she could return to work in some occupation even if not her own, despite not apparent improvement in her medical conditions.

Chronic cervical, lumbar, and thoracic back pain as well as pain in her joints, shoulder, and ankles afflict our client each day. Her chronic pain produces muscular tension headaches strong enough to cause debilitation, too. Objective evidence documented C6-7 and C7-8 nerve impingement and C8 radiculopathy as the sources of her conditions.

Before her disability, our client previously worked as a nurse practitioner, which was categorized as a light to medium level occupation. The Standard acknowledged that she could no longer complete the lifting, walking, and standing required by a light or medium level occupation but argued that she could return to work in a sedentary capacity. The Standard thought she could return to the nursing field but limit her activity to desk work.

Winning the Long Term Disability Appeal

There was strong objective evidence documenting her conditions and symptoms, but we needed to show that she could not complete a sedentary occupation with her chronic pain and multiple back issues. Her physician agreed she could not work and wrote a letter on her behalf. In addition, our client underwent a functional capacity evaluation (FCE).

An FCE can be extremely helpful in a disability insurance dispute to prove the extent of disability and the need for LTD benefits. During an FCE, the client meets with a physical therapist who puts the client through a number of physical tests, including walking, standing, lifting, etc. Throughout the day, the physical therapist watches and evaluates the client’s functionality. An FCE report gives a comprehensive analysis of the person’s functionality. Both insurance companies and claimants use FCEs to help determine whether disability benefits are warranted.

Likely due to the FCE testing that our client underwent, The Standard approved her appeal for long-term disability benefits and recognized that she would be unable to return to work in any occupation. It is with much satisfaction that we can say her LTD benefits have been reinstated as deserved and needed.

Hiring an Experienced Disability Insurance Lawyer is Important

Dabdoub Law Firm has always focused only on disability insurance law and nothing else. As a result, our long-term disability insurance attorneys have significant experience fighting all major disability insurance companies and has won several major disability lawsuits. Our wins have been instrumental in the creation of new law that protects disabled workers. Work with Dabdoub Law Firm to get experienced disability lawyers on your side for your own case.

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