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Officer Manager with Chronic Pain Fights for LTD Benefits with Dabdoub Law Firm's Help

An office manager living in Aventura, Florida was struggling with chronic pain, day-in and day-out. When it was diagnosed that her condition was only going to worsen with time, she sought long-term disability benefits that would help keep her afloat while she was unable to work. Principal Life at first agreed to give her benefits, only to terminate them later. Given there was no change in her medical condition, Dabdoub Law Firm knew something was not right. After much research and sending a convincing rebuttal to the insurance company, we are happy to say her LTD benefits were reinstated.

Details of the Office Manager Vs. Principal Life Case

Our client suffers daily from widespread chronic pain that made her employment as an office manager painful and practically impossible. Even light-duty or sedentary office work could cause her pain to worsen dramatically.

After some time of struggling with the symptoms, she sought disability benefits from Principal Life. The company reviewed her claim and approved her monthly disability payments.

Only a short amount of time later, Principal Life terminated those benefits. Our client did not make any marked medical improvements, though, as her treating physicians explained through their diagnoses and prognoses.

According to medical evaluations dated in 2017, our client suffers from:

  • Cervical disc disorder
  • Cervical facet syndrome
  • Lumbar facet syndrome
  • Trochaneteric bursitis
  • And more

It was determined that Principal chose to isolate its evaluation to a single note written by one of her physicians. In that note, her doctor wrote that steroid injections had showed some promise for pain mitigation. However, the very same doctor wrote numerous times in previous, concurrent, and future medical records that “working full time in a sedentary capacity is not feasible” for our client “given her medical condition and status.”

The insurance company also relied on a third-party opinion from a medical examiner of its choosing, who inexplicably claimed all of our client’s treating physicians were incorrect.

We are proud to be able to say that we concluded this case quickly and amicably. Our client’s LTD benefits were reinstated without needing to go to court, saving our client time and resources.

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