What Is My Employer's Role in My Disability Insurance Claim?

You have been offered long-term disability coverage through your employment. You may wonder what role your employer plays in your claim. The answer is a very small role.

Generally, your employer’s involvement is limited to the beginning of your claim. As an initial matter, you can and should request your disability insurance policy directly from your employer. Once you decide to pursue disability benefits, the insurance company will send you claim forms you must submit to start the process. One of these forms will be for your employer to fill out.

The following represents some of the information requested of your employer:

  • Your hire date
  • Last day you worked
  • Effective date of long-term disability coverage
  • Job duties

It is important your employer accurately completes this form on your behalf.

Outside of completing these forms, your employer will not have any involvement in:

  • Reaching out to your medical providers
  • Submitting any medical evidence to the insurance company
  • Reviewing any medical evidence
  • Assessing whether you meet the definition of disability

As a final point, your employer provided disability coverage as a benefit to you. Thus, it should do everything in its power to assist you in getting the benefits you deserve.

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