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Reliance Terminates LTD Benefits for Truck Driver with Severe Incontinence

A Jacksonville man who worked as a truck driver was diagnosed with colon cancer. Doctors were successful in removing the cancer, but the procedure left him with severe, uncontrollable, and unpredictable incontinence and diarrhea. Not a day goes by when he does not have several bathroom emergencies with a high risk of soiling himself.

Reliance approved his long term disability benefits, only to terminate them later. Dabdoub Law Firm was able to challenge Reliance’s early termination of his benefits, prove our client’s permanent disability, and get the benefits reinstated.

Details of the Severe Incontinence Case

If there was ever a case where long term disability benefits were absolutely necessary, this might be the one. Our client survived colon cancer due to a hemicolectomy but was left with chronic diarrhea that gave literally no forewarning when a bowel episode would occur. Keeping a record of his bowel movements, our client revealed he would often need to use the restroom for 20 minutes at a time, eight or more times a day. The frequency of soiling himself was also high.

He felt completely embarrassed and disabled from his condition, which has resisted all prescribed treatments. Day-to-day activities we all take for granted became impossible because he could not be away from a toilet for long.

Reliance first approved of his long term disability benefits. Without warning and with absolutely no improvement to his medical condition, though, Reliance terminated his benefits, leaving him financially stranded. The insurance company seems to have relied entirely on stretches of the medical imagination to argue that he could return to work in any capacity.

Indeed, Reliance’s own physician who reviewed our client’s medical record inferred that incontinence could strike him unexpectedly as often as once every 20 minutes. There is no occupation conceivable that can be held with such frequent and severe restrictions.

With a careful examination of the medical evidence and a clear argument as to why our client’s chronic diarrhea is so dramatically disabling, Reliance was convinced to reverse the termination of his LTD benefits. Today, he is once again receiving benefits and doing his best to try to live a comfortable life in his own home.

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