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Reliance Approves Mental Health Disabilities But Ignores Physical Ailments

Our client filed for long-term disability (LTD) insurance benefits through Reliance due to his mental health difficulties and chronic pain. Strangely, the insurance company acknowledged his anxiety and depression but failed to give any attention to his physical health complications. With this approach, he would have been limited to just 24 months of LTD benefits, had Dabdoub Law Firm now intervened on his behalf.

Details of the Ignored Chronic Pain Case

A man in Jersey City worked as a systems analyst for Vitamin Shoppe until his health declined to the point that he could no longer focus on his job and hold gainful occupation. When he filed for long-term disability insurance benefits, it was noted through his medical records that he was experiencing mental health difficulties in addition to physical disabilities, most notably debilitating pain.

Upon receipt of his claim, Reliance approved it with one bizarre caveat: only his mental health difficulties were acknowledged. Within its response, the insurer seemed to not understand or realize that he was limited by physical disabilities in addition to experienced cognitive impairments. Although, the unusual approach to his claim might not have been inadvertent. Reliance’s policy only requires 24 months of disability benefits to be provided to a claimant with only mental health difficulties. In effect, Reliance’s “misunderstanding” of his conditions could save the company significantly in the long run.

Dabdoub Law Firm was hired to intervene and act on behalf of the claimant. With a complete review of his claim, we understood clearly how he was unable to work due to a continual decline in both his mental and physical health. The medical records used when he filed and new records apparently unstudied by Reliance showed as much.

To name only a few of the physical issues our client suffers from, as noted in his medical records:

  • L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc herniations
  • L3-L4 disc bulges
  • L2-L3 disc bulges
  • T11-T12 disc bulges

Nerve pressure, inflammation, and other complications caused by his back issues kept him in constant pain. The deterioration of his mental health could be attributed in large part to this chronic pain. To this end, there is no way his physical pain can be logically separated from his mental anguish. Therefore, acknowledging one is an acknowledgment of the other.

With this argument in hand, we offered Reliance a chance to correct its mistakes before being taken to court, which is often a painful experience for insurance companies that want to protect their reputations. They accepted the opportunity and provided our client with his full LTD benefits, absent of any mental health clause limitations.

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