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Why do Parkinson's Disease Claims Get Denied?

Parkinson’s Disease can feel like a weight on your shoulders. It can interrupt your work ethic and your ability to enjoy your favorite activities. When you’re unable to work because of Parkinson’s Disease, the last thing you want is a denial letter from social security benefits and long-term disability.

Why does this happen? Why do Parkinson’s Disease Claims get denied?

Making a Strong Claim

Many people are denied the benefits they deserve because they don’t have documentation for their disabilities. Social Security Administration policy requires evidence proving you meet the criteria for long-term disability.

The best claims typically include documentation from a doctor demonstrating the symptoms described. You may also seek proof from your employer, demonstrating that Parkinson’s Disease has made it impossible for you to perform your normal job duties.

The Appeals Process

If you plan to appeal a long-term disability claim, you should hire an attorney immediately. The appeals process may require you attend a court hearing and answer questions before a vocational expert. If that happens, you need a legal representative to coach you through the process, so you don’t fall for misleading questions.

How an Attorney Can Help

An experienced long-term disability attorney knows everything you need to make a successful claim. They can help you get the necessary records, file the correct forms, and represent you before a court hearing. When you’re unable to work, choosing the right attorney can be the difference between receiving the benefits you deserve and losing your income.

If you or someone you love did has Parkinson’s Disease and did not receive your disability benefits, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Coral Cables long-term disability attorney from the Dabdoub Law Firm to evaluate your case, pleasesend us an email or call (800) 969-0488.