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Hartford Disability Benefits Restored for Texas Claims Technician with Parkinson's

A Life Affected by Illness 

Ms. X's life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with Parkinson's. This shift in her health deeply impacted her ability to continue her longstanding career as a claims technician. After over 25 years of service, her disease introduced incapacitating symptoms, making daily tasks unmanageable. In response to these overwhelming challenges, she sought long-term disability benefits from Hartford, detailing how Parkinson's had significantly hindered her ability to maintain her professional role. 

Parkinson's disease is a progressive nervous system disorder affecting movement. Symptoms start gradually, sometimes with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. Such tremors are common, but the disorder also commonly causes stiffness or slows movement.  

In the early stages of Parkinson's, someone’s face may show little or no expression. Their arms may not swing when walking, and speech may become soft or slurred. Parkinson's symptoms worsen over time. Although Parkinson's disease can't be cured, medications might significantly improve symptoms. Occasionally, doctors may suggest surgery to regulate certain regions of the brain and improve symptoms. 

A subsequent evaluation by a doctor further confirmed Ms. X's ongoing struggle. She continued to face significant limitations in her gross motor functions, balance, and fine motor skills, alongside a decline in her overall functional abilities. This professional assessment underscored the critical nature of her condition and the essential need for financial support. 

An Unconscionable Decision 

Initially, Hartford Group Benefits recognized the severity of Ms. X's condition. The company specifically noted her struggle with sedentary tasks such as handwriting and using a keyboard. Their acknowledgment came as a relief, and for a time, Ms. X received her much-needed LTD benefits. This support offered Ms. X security amidst her changing circumstances.  

However, the support was short-lived. In October 2022, despite understanding Parkinson's as a "progressive and incurable" disease, Hartford unexpectedly cut off Ms. X’s benefits. The company made this bizarre decision even though it previously recognized her condition would only deteriorate. 

In another turn of events, Hartford once again acknowledged the severity of Ms. X's Parkinson's diagnosis. It reinstated her benefits after recognizing she was unable to work even in a sedentary capacity. Despite this acknowledgment, Hartford took another baffling stance. It suggested that Ms. X was capable of full-time, reliable work, contradicting their earlier decision and the undeniable evidence of her ongoing disability. This perplexing suggestion flies in the face of logic, given the clear and consistent signs that Ms. X's condition prevents her from working. 

The back-and-forth with Hartford reflected a concerning pattern, one where the company's actions seemed at odds with its duty of care. By once again terminating her benefits, Hartford disregarded the undeniable truth: Ms. X's debilitating condition had not miraculously vanished. The wealth of objective evidence firmly supported Ms. X's continued disability and her inability to engage in work. 

A Law Firm Puts Up a Fight 

Ms. X contacted Dabdoub Law Firm, who promptly sent a strongly-worded letter to the insurer. Hartford found itself cornered into retracting its baseless decision regarding Ms. X's benefits.  

The legal team, wielding a meticulously compiled dossier of irrefutable evidence, laid bare the contradiction in Hartford's erratic decisions. Central to the firm’s argument were comprehensive medical records detailing the progression of Ms. X's Parkinson's disease. They also included documented proof of Hartford's previous acknowledgments of Ms. X’s condition.  

This evidentiary presentation left Hartford with no viable path other than to reverse its unfounded denial and reinstate Ms. X’s long-term disability benefits. Dabdoub Law Firm’s intervention highlights the importance of legal help when confronting an insurance company’s arbitrary decisions. If you are facing a similar situation, reach out to an experienced firm for help. 

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