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Virginia Man Unable to Work, Says Doctors – But Lincoln Disagrees

A Danville, Virginia man was diagnosed with “multiple medical conditions” that currently show no sign of improvement any time soon. Lincoln first acknowledged his disabilities, but later terminated his long-term disability benefits early, despite there being no improvement to his conditions. Our LTD insurance claim attorneys from Dabdoub Law Firm stepped into the picture, challenged the insurer, and were able to get our client’s benefits reinstated sooner than he thought possible.

Details of the Lincoln Early Benefits Termination Case

Our client received an independent medical evaluation (IME) from Lincoln in July 2018. At the end of the evaluation, it was concluded that he was experiencing significant disabilities due to comorbid medical conditions. Indeed, this conclusion matched what his own medical providers had reported in his medical records.

According to our client’s primary care physician, he experiences extreme difficulty, limitations, and pain when standing for an hour, walking or standing for more than four hours a day, squatting, lifting, and stopping. He was also warned not to do any overhead reaching with his left arm. Importantly, though, the medical evaluation determined he should not sit for four or more hours in a day as it could worsen his conditions. To this extent, even sedentary work like light office work is not possible for our client.

Only six months later, though, Lincoln reversed its approval of his LTD benefits and terminated them early. Bizarrely, there was no marked medical improvement in our client’s condition during those six months. Lincoln did not even prop up a piece of medical evidence that it had apparently misunderstood to reach this new conclusion. It merely revoked the benefits early with little to no attempt at justification.

In a stern letter of challenge, Dabdoub Law Firm reminded Lincoln of its fiduciary duty to our client as his LTD insurance provider. We also provided further review of his medical conditions, including statements from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that determined our client had been effectively disabled since as far back as 2006. Not wanting to challenge both the SSA and one of the country’s top LTD insurance claim law firms, Lincoln backed off promptly. We are happy to be able to say the benefits were reinstated and our client is able to focus on their recuperation, not on trying to fight with a stubborn insurance company.

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