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Florida Man Fights for LTD Benefits from Hartford After Becoming Blind

A man in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was diagnosed with clinical blindness and multiple organ failure, but Hartford still implied that these medical conditions were not enough to validate long-term disability insurance benefits. Bizarrely, Hartford’s own conclusions noted the extent of his disability, yet his benefits were still denied. Dabdoub Law Firm was hired to set things right, and we secured the benefits for him.

Details of the Clinically Blind Disability Case

Medical records from our client’s doctors show that he suffers from comorbid conditions, including multiple organ failure, chronic fatigue, and migraines. He was also diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease, which puts him at high risk of kidney failure and also severely limits his vision. When his eyes are open for more than 5 seconds, he loses all visual acuity and sees only blurred shades of gray.

When he filed for LTD benefits from Hartford, he expected the severity of his disabilities to make his filing eligible. Hartford initially acknowledged his disabilities, but bizarrely still decided to deny his claim. According to their case evaluator, there was “no objective evidence” of our client’s disability that would preclude him from work.

Had the insurance company not seen the extensive medical record that clearly showed disability? Or was there a gross misunderstanding of the medical conditions themselves? The reasoning behind the denial remains unclear.

Dabdoub Law Firm has years and years of collective legal experience dealing with stubborn insurance companies, though, so we knew what to do. Collecting all of the medical records that show our client’s disability, we challenged the denial with a clearly worded explanation of the records and the conditions. With a thorough description of our client’s disability in hand and faced with the possibility of litigation against one of the nation’s leading disability insurance law firms for claimants and plaintiffs, Hartford conceded and our client received his much needed LTD benefits.

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