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Nurse Fights for LTD Benefits After Missing Usual Eligibility Window by 3 Days

A nurse in Orlando, Florida worked for her employer for longer than six years but strangely did not become placed under her employer’s long-term disability insurance policy for years. When her chronic spinal pain, as well as hip and leg pain, made working unbearable, she filed for LTD benefits, only to find out she had stopped working only 3 days before she would have been fully eligible. After Lincoln denied her claim, Dabdoub Law Firm stepped in and used alternative coverage possibilities in her policy to secure the benefits she needed.

Details of the “3 Days Too Soon” Case

Our client was unaware that she had not received LTD coverage from her employer until several years into her employment. When she stopped working on December 29th, 2018 due to her severe, constant pain, she was apparently only 3 days shy of the January 1st, 2019 date that would have made it easier for her to get LTD benefits for any disabling medical condition. When she filed for LTD benefits, she was denied by Lincoln and led to believe that she was out of options.

However, Dabdoub Law Firm has years of collective legal experience handling long-term disability insurance claims and lawsuits for people across the country. We knew that the chances of our client truly being out of luck were slim. It was only a matter of knowing where to look, how to interpret her LTD insurance policy, and finding what the responding insurance company likely did incorrectly.

We were able to uncover that Lincoln misunderstood the treatments our client had already received. In its denial letter, Lincoln said that our client had already received radiculopathy for her spinal pain during three different medical appointments. Yet a review of the medical records from the days they listed showed that no such treatments were actually provided on those days. Instead, she was given initial treatments for hip and leg pain, which did not include radiculopathy. Ultimately, her conditions were not even alleviated by those treatments, furthering the falsity of Lincoln’s abrupt denial.

Lastly, Lincoln had said it could not determine if she was disabled due to spinal complications that required neck surgery because it had never been provided a statement from an attending medical physician. This information should have been clearly obvious when evaluating her case, but we provided a full detail of her medical record and clear explanations all the same.

With all of the evidence once again in hand and our intent to litigate if they did not cooperate, Lincoln conceded, and our client was given her LTD benefits as needed.

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