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Registered Nurses

Disability Claims for Registered Nurses

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There are few jobs out there as physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing as nursing. Nurses are on their feet all day, moving from room to room, sometimes lifting and moving heavy patients and dealing with dangerous equipment. One prick of a misplaced needle could result in an occupational disease, or a serious slip and fall accident could cause a debilitating injury. Any injury or disease could seriously inhibit a nurse’s ability to work because of the physically demanding nature of the job. For this reason, it is important to protect your right to disability benefits if you are unable to meet the requirements of your position due to an injury you sustained.

If you were injured, our disability insurance attorneys can help you file for disability benefits, handle denied claims, or dispute a termination of benefits. At Dabdoub Law Firm, we are passionate about advocating for the rights of injured individuals and we are not afraid to go up against big insurance companies. We can handle everything in your case from start to finish, from claims to appeals, lawsuits, or settlement negotiations.

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Nursing Demands

The job responsibilities of registered nurses are extremely taxing and can be very difficult to perform if the nurse has been injured. Nurses repeatedly lift and reposition bedridden patients, help them walk, move heavy equipment, and remain on their feet for the majority of every shift. Sometimes patients, especially those on pain medication or under the influence of recreational drugs, can be volatile and may harm healthcare workers. Or, angry family members of patients may become violent, which may threaten the well-being of any nearby staff.

There are numerous threats to registered nurses, which makes it all the more important for nurses to receive the disability benefits they deserve if they’ve sustained a serious injury.

Registered Nurse Occupational Risks & Injuries

Thousands of nurses suffer injuries that prevent them from completing their work each year. The majority of those injuries are suffered in the workplace or while completing a job-related duty, which can be twice as frustrating for the nurse.

Five of the most common workplace hazards that a nurse might encounter are:

  • Back injuries: Nurses are required to move patients, lift heavy equipment, and otherwise exert themselves throughout each workday. Lifting incorrectly, repeatedly, or while tired can result in a disabling back injury.
  • Lacerations: Sharp instruments and hypodermic needles used by registered nurses pose serious laceration hazards. While quickly cleaning up after seeing a patient and awaiting the next, a nurse might mistakenly cut themselves on one such medical tool.
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals: In the average hospital, there are all sorts of chemicals and substances used for cleaning, disinfection, treatments, and other reasons. Working around these chemicals can be dangerous, though, as repeated exposure might cause an injury or illness.
  • Occupational illnesses: Sick patients need close attention and care from a nurse. However, attending a patient with a contagious illness puts a nurse at direct risk of contracting it themselves.
  • Patient assaults: Patients may have unpredictable mood swings, panic attacks, and manic episodes, which can manifest as an assault on any nurse or doctor near them.

Coverage While in Nursing School

You should keep in mind that you can purchase and use disability insurance while in nursing school. Many policies do not require you to be a certified and employed nurse because you are likely to encounter patients while still completing your certification or degree. If an insurance company has denied your disability claim on the grounds that you are still in school, let our powerful and reputable attorneys know about it right away.

Termination of Benefits

A frequent issue for registered nurses receiving benefits is that the long-term disability benefits will not last. All too often, insurance companies will target nurses’ disability claims, paying them at the onset of the injury or illness but terminating disability benefits later on down the road. Whenever possible, insurance companies will terminate benefits by claiming the disabled person can work in another occupation that is not as physically demanding.

However, starting over in a new profession is extremely difficult and can sometimes be impossible with the injured person’s current situation. If your benefits were terminated and you are still unable to return to work, contact our disability insurance attorneys. We can investigate the circumstances of your case, review your policy, and help you obtain the benefits you require.

Choose Our Reliable Disability Insurance Lawyers at Dabdoub Law Firm

Most long-term disability benefits are terminated after 24 months, so it is important to be proactive in securing the benefits you require in the time you have. If your insurance company terminates your benefits but you are still unable to return to work, our firm may be able to help. Our dedicated disability attorneys can evaluate your situation and apply our legal knowledge and skills to your case, coming up with a plan to help you move forward.

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