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Lloyd's of London Settles Case with Invasive and Interventional Cardiologist

Lloyd’s of London settled a permanent and total disability claim with our client, an invasive and interventional cardiologist in Florida. After first alleging the medical condition was pre-existing and then refusing to pay a one time lump-sum disability benefit, our disability lawyers were contacted to handle the disability claim.

Dabdoub Law Firm is a disability insurance law firm that helps people with long term disability claims with insurance companies. The firm has represented people across the country who were wrongly denied disability benefits by insurance companies like Lloyd’s of London.

Lloyd’s of London Claimed the Disability Was Pre-existing

Our client, who was a former invasive and interventional cardiologist, was diagnosed with atypical Parkinson’s disease prior to purchasing his disability insurance contract. He continued to work, without issue, for three years until he was also diagnosed with several sleep disorders, which were preventing him from safely performing procedures. He attempted to file his disability claim on his own, but Lloyd’s was delaying a decision before it would eventually deny disability benefits.

Our disability lawyers took over the claim. We argued that our client’s disability was not caused by a pre-existing condition and he became unable to perform his specialty occupation within one year. While the disability insurance contract had a pre-existing exclusion that did not allow payment for benefits, this exclusion was limited to one year. The disability insurance contract further required that, in order to receive payment under the disability insurance contract, his disability must have manifested within 365 days of diagnosis of the disabling condition. Lloyd nonetheless refused to pay the claim.

Our firm got involved and filed a bad faith claim under Florida law. After many communications back and forth between our firm and Lloyd’s, the parties entered into a confidential agreement and settled the claim.

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