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Dabdoub Law Firm Wins Disability Benefits for Anesthesiologist with Long-Term COVID-19 Symptoms

In January 2020, an anesthesiologist in Summerville, South Carolina found himself bedridden for several days with respiratory symptoms and a dry cough. Later in the year, it became clear that he had suffered from an early case of COVID-19.

Like many others who battled COVID-19, our client suffered persistent symptoms. His cough persisted for many months, and he was unable to shake a feeling of “brain fog.” In fact, our client’s cognitive impairments steadily and rapidly worsened in 2021.

By March 2021, our client did not feel safe working with patients, and his team agreed that he could no longer meet the demands of his occupation. As a result, our client filed for disability benefits.

Dabdoub Law Firm Explains a New Disability

Given the unusual nature of our client’s claim and the early case of COVID-19, Dabdoub Law Firm wrote a letter to Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company to perfect his claim for disability benefits. We emphasized how cognitive impairments marked the end of our client’s career as an anesthesiologist because he no longer possessed the mental faculties needed to safely practice medicine.

We also gave the insurance company a copy of our client’s treatment plan and the results of a neuropsychological evaluation. The Director of Neuropsychological Services at Columbia University noted several alarming issues and recommended continued leave from work.

Quite simply, our client can no longer work as an anesthesiologist due to patient safety concerns. He is unable to maintain the total and complete focus his position demands, and any mistake could be fatal. Additionally, our client’s cognitive impairments prevent him from thinking and reacting quickly, which could be the difference between life and death for a patient.

Our client’s diagnoses include aphasia and post-COVID syndrome, and his primary care provider states that he “cannot reliably perform the tasks required to safely practice medicine,” and that his “cognitive change makes all job duties inappropriate as a matter of patient safety.”

With all the medical evidence in this case, our client’s right to disability benefits could not be questioned.

Dabdoub Law Firm simply presented the facts to Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company, and the insurer responded in kind, awarding disability benefits to our client.

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