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GE Tries Every Possible Justification to Deny Dayton, OH Employee’s Disability Benefits

Many people in the United States suffer from mental health conditions and manage to maintain full-time jobs. Unfortunately, the symptoms of anxiety and depression can sometimes become unbearable, creating cognitive impairment, and preventing professionals from holding full-time employment.

After 20 years of service, this was the case for a dedicated GE employee in Dayton, Ohio. When our client’s symptoms became unbearable, he resigned from GE and filed for long-term disability income (LTDI) benefits via the GE Disability Benefits & Leave Center. Despite medical evidence, GE denied his claim.

Our client appealed and after yet another denial, he contacted Dabdoub Law Firm.

GE Ignores Medical Evidence and Searches for a Reason to Deny Our Client’s Claim

Our client was a successful employee at GE and had every intention of working until his eventual retirement. In the later years of his career, he began seeking treatment for anxiety and was able to stabilize his condition with medication and psychotherapy. Sadly, his condition intensified, and he was also diagnosed with severe major depression. Combined, these devastating medical conditions forced him to stop working and file for LTDI benefits.

When he made his claim, our client jumped through administrative hoops for several months. Nevertheless, GE denied his claim based on one (1) medical records review. Upon receiving his LTDI denial, our client shared the letter with his treating psychiatrist. The psychiatrist called GE’s medical reviewer immediately, and the peers had a conversation. GE’s medical reviewer acknowledged the following:

From a psychiatric perspective, the claimant is functionally impaired from perform the regular, unrestricted duties of his own occupation from 04.08.20 – ongoing.”

With this important note, GE had everything it needed to approve our client’s claim and start paying LTDI benefits as of April 08, 2020. Instead, GE made a show of seeking “clarification” from its medical reviewer and made up a nonexistent coverage issue.

A Fabricated Timeline

GE falsely claimed that our client resigned before his disability began and somehow decided that his disability began on June 01, 2020. In reality, our client had been seeking mental health treatment since 2018, his condition got worse in April of 2020, and he filed for LTDI benefits soon after. Even if our client’s disability plan ended on May 31, 2021, he has ample evidence of his disability before this moment. GE also brought attention to a severance agreement our client signed on June 08, 2020, but this document has nothing to do with his LTDI claim.

At the time of his disability claim, our client was “unable to function” and could not contemplate going back to work, facts that are reflected in his medical records and emphasized in his treating psychiatrist’s notes. Our client’s doctor affirms his condition and has done so at every possible opportunity.

Additionally, Northwestern Mutual approved our client’s claim for benefits under an individual disability insurance policy. Northwestern Mutual received the same records as GE, so why did GE make a different conclusion?

Dabdoub Law Firm Holds GE Accountable

The answer is simple, GE wanted to violate ERISA and avoid future liability for its own beneficiary. This kind of behavior opens the company up to litigation, so we simply asked GE to conduct a fair and honest evaluation of our client’s situation.

No matter what excuse GE tries to use, our client is disabled. Our team at Dabdoub Law Firm was proud to clarify this fact and recover LTDI benefits on our client’s behalf. We are pleased GE agreed that our client qualified for these important benefits and paid them in full.

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