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The Standard Lacks Consistency in Handling Woman’s LTD Claim for Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis

Before becoming our client, a Phoenix, Arizona woman filed for disability benefits under an individual insurance policy and a group long-term disability (LTD) policy. Although The Standard approved her individual disability claim, they denied her claim for LTD benefits through her group policy. Both claims were based on the same disability – multiple medical conditions including cervical and lumbar spondylosis with radiculopathy – and the same medical evidence. Nevertheless, The Standard denied her LTD claim based on the proof of loss provision.

Why the Proof of Loss Provision Did Not Apply in Our Client’s Case

Our client had 2 policies, which had similar proof of loss language. The Standard denied our client’s LTD claim, asserting it could not determine whether she was insured because the claim was late. Still, the same company had no problem determining that our client was disabled under the terms of an almost identical individual policy.

Because the company handled the exact same scenario inconsistently within 2 claims, their denial is not valid. Dabdoub Law Firm simply highlighted this fact. Fortunately, The Standard decided to remedy its mistake and approve our client’s claim for long-term disability benefits.

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