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The Hartford Punishes Andover Routing Specialist for Trying to Work Through Mental Health Problems

Our client did not want to stop working as a routing specialist in Andover, New Hampshire. Unfortunately, the symptoms of her mental health conditions forced her to file for short-term disability benefits. Because she spent 2 to 3 months trying to continue work despite her disability before filing, The Hartford savagely denied her claim. As Attorney Geannina A. Burgos explains:

The Hartford is punishing [our client] for struggling through her job and working until she could not do so any longer.”

Simply put, our client’s symptoms got worse, and that is why she stopped working. The Hartford’s argument that her symptoms existed 2 to 3 months before she stopped working is invalid, and the company’s denial is wrong and unreasonable.

The Hartford also said there was no objective medical evidence of our client’s complaints. This, too, is false. Our client has struggled with anxiety and depression for some time, but within the last 2 years, her condition has gotten worse. Even our client’s MRI show the effects of her illness – “small, scattered T2 hyperintense white matter lesions in the bilateral hemispheres.” These irregularities in our client’s brain have resulted in unintended weight loss, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, memory issues, and impaired attention.

Our client’s treating providers have also noted her mental health issues and chronic pain, which prevent her from working in even a sedentary occupation.

The Hartford’s reasons for denying our client’s claim are incorrect, and no one should be punished for doing the best they can while battling anxiety and depression, nor for knowing when they need time to prioritize their mental health.

Dabdoub Law Firm is proud to have helped our client recover the short-term disability benefits she needed to commit fully to her physical and psychological well-being.

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