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Mass Mutual Ignores Evidence of Marlboro Woman’s Active Seizure Disorder

When our client was forced to leave her occupation as a computer programmer and bank analyst in Marlboro, New Jersey, Mass Mutual was quick to accept liability and pay monthly disability benefits. After four years, however, the disability insurance company abruptly terminated our client’s benefits with a nonsensical explanation.

At a loss, our client contacted Dabdoub Law Firm for help.

Mass Mutual’s False Claims of Somatic Symptom Disorder

Our client has a documented active seizure disorder, accompanied by migraines and chronic pain. She has provided Mass Mutual with ample evidence of her medical condition. Nevertheless, the insurance company claimed our client suffered from somatic symptom disorder (a psychiatric illness that causes patients to exaggerate pain) in an attempt to justify its termination of benefits.

This is simply not true. Our client’s treating physician has witnessed her seizure episodes firsthand. A woman who has a semi-convulsive episode in her doctor’s office is incapable of consistently and reliably returning to the workforce. Still, Mass Mutual’s paid physician claimed our client had “no evidence of neurocognitive impairment,” and interpreted our client’s disability as somatic symptom disorder.

Unfortunately, the only accurate part of Mass Mutual’s evaluation was the lack of evidence of mood disorders. Our client did not apply for disability benefits for mental health reasons, and she does not have a psychiatric illness or any abnormalities that would affect her perception.

Our client’s pain is real, her medical conditions are real, and an active seizure disorder keeps her out of the workplace.

Highlighting Objective Evidence

Even though she was not obligated to under her policy, our client submitted objective evidence of her seizure disorder. Her abnormal electroencephalogram (EEG) demonstrates epileptogenic (seizure generating) activity that cannot be controlled with medication. The doctor who performed the EEG also notes that our client cannot drive. How does Mass Mutual expect her to fulfill the mentally and visually demanding duties of her occupation?

All our client’s doctors agree that she does not have somatic symptom disorder, and does, in fact, have an active seizure disorder with migraines and chronic pain. Unfortunately, our client’s medical conditions are unpredictable, and the symptoms render her current occupation impractical and impossible.

The facts of our client’s disability have not changed since she first filed for disability benefits, nor has Mass Mutual’s responsibility toward her.

Dabdoub Law Firm simply helped our client stand up for her rights as a policyholder. When faced with legal action, Mass Mutual quickly backtracked, reinstated our client’s disability benefits in full, and paid missed benefits retroactively.

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