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What Does Lloyd’s of London Typically Insure?

Lloyd's of London is a name that is typically associated with high-level professionals and claims with high-benefit payouts. In fact, Lloyd's of London has been in the business of providing coverage for centuries.

Premiums are typically high for this type of protection. However, Lloyd's of London remains one of the most reliable sources for coverage against large losses. Read on to learn more about what Lloyd's of London typically provides insurance coverage for.

Insurance Coverage from Lloyd's of London

Lloyd’s of London typically provides the following types of insurance policies:

Disability Insurance

Lloyd’s of London provides disability insurance coverage for a variety of professions, including pilots and physicians.

Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance covers medical malpractice, errors and omissions claims in the financial services industry, professional indemnity insurance, and other liability risks.

Property Insurance

Lloyd's of London offers a wide range of property insurance policies that includes protection from loss due to fire, theft, floods, earthquakes, terrorism, and other natural disasters.

Life Insurance

Lloyd’s of London can provide life insurance policies that cover death benefits up to certain limits.

Liability Coverage

Lloyd's of London also offers liability insurance to protect against possible lawsuits related to property damage or injury caused by a business or individual.

Financial Loss Insurance

If your business suffers a large financial loss due to theft, embezzlement, cybercrime, or any other unexpected event, Lloyd's of London can provide you with the necessary insurance coverage to help prevent further financial losses.

Marine Insurance

Lloyd's of London offers specialized insurance for ships and other types of marine vessels. This coverage is designed to protect against damages caused by an accident or natural disaster, as well as any losses that may result from cargo during transport.

In summary, Lloyd's of London provides a wide range of insurance products and services tailored to meet the needs of high-level professionals with claims with high benefit payouts and premiums. With such high payouts, it can be tough to get a Lloyd’s claim approved without the help of a skilled attorney.

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