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How is a Vocational Review Used in Disability Insurance Claims?

In disability insurance cases, sometimes it is not enough to prove the medical side of your case. In those situations, a vocational review is used to demonstrate how a medical condition and the resulting restrictions and limitations impact or prevent a person’s ability to work.

A vocational review is usually conducted by a vocational consultant—someone trained to evaluate a person’s employability and earning capacity based on various factors such as physical and/or mental capacity, past work experience, training, and education.

As attorneys who specialize in disability insurance, we too utilize vocational reviews to demonstrate how a person’s total disability prevents them from working in any capacity. We provide the medical evidence, including medically supported restrictions and limitations, as well as occupational history, to a vocational consultant. The consultant then analyzes all the information and determines whether the claimant can work. It is a strong piece of evidence to prove occupational disability.

Insurance companies, on the other hand, often utilize vocational reviews to determine if a claimant can work in some occupation based on the restrictions and limitations set forth by its own medical reviews. Those restrictions and limitations do not always match the ones set out by the treating providers. In other words, they are not restrictions and limitations that are necessarily favorable to the claimant. It is for this reason that insurance companies’ vocational reviews are not always accurate.

If you have received a vocational review conducted by your disability insurance company and are unsure how to respond, contact us today to speak with a disability insurance attorney who can help guide you through it. We have successfully argued against insurance companies’ vocational reviews as being inaccurate or unreasonable.

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