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Lakeland Dragline Operator Suffering Complications from COVID Denied LTD Benefits from Prudential

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures LTD Benefits for Lakeland Dragline Operator Suffering Complications from COVID and a Stroke

A client from Lakeland had his long-term disability (LTD) benefits terminated by The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential). Frustrated, he sought assistance from the Dabdoub Law Firm. Our firm fought tirelessly to protect his rights and secure the disability benefits he rightfully deserved. We are thrilled to announce our recent successful outcome in Lakeland, FL. Continue reading to find out more about how we achieved this significant result.

Attorney Probst Appeals to Prudential on Our Lakeland Client’s Behalf

Our Lakeland client entered the hospital due to COVID-19 in March 2021. When he entered the hospital, he had an oxygen level of 48. People with oxygen levels that low are usually not even able to stand. Our client was forced to endure 14 days in the ICU, followed by an additional four days in the PICU, during which he suffered a stroke that has caused him to suffer memory impairment and intermittent tremors to this day.

Immediately prior to becoming disabled, our client worked as a Dragline Operator (a Heavy level position) in his employer’s Mining Department. In his signed statement he explained, “[M]y life before COVID, I was a workhorse. I took as much overtime as I could for my family. I was rarely sick. Since COVID, I cannot work as I did before, simple tasks around the house I get out of breath. I can no longer mow the lawn as dust and debris make it harder to breathe, due to the fact my lungs have significant scarring. I can no longer sit or stand for long periods of time. My life is not the same. I am more agitated, aggravated, I cannot provide for my family as I did before. My doctors have sent me to different rehabs, speech therapy (to help with my memory loss), physical therapy (to try to build my lungs up), exercises to bring my O2 levels up. I have also been taking new medications, trying different kinds to see what will work. According to my pulmonologist, only time will tell if my lungs will heal. They have tried different inhalers all of which make me cough more and my tremors worse. I have been going to a post-COVID Clinic in Orlando to find out what all COVID has done to my body. If you read my doctors’ reports, you will see that they all state I cannot return to work.”

Prudential’s Termination of Benefits Was “Wrong & Unreasonable”

Our client in Lakeland is experiencing ongoing challenges due to long-term COVID-19. These challenges include decreased strength and stamina, cognitive impairment, and chronic shortness of breath necessitating daily supplemental oxygen. Multiple medical records, forms, and letters from our client's treating providers consistently report that he is unable to return to work due to his limited functional capacity.

Following the termination of our Lakeland client’s LTD benefits, Attorney Kevin E. Probst, from Dabdoub Law Firm, conducted an exhaustive investigation to gather a comprehensive collection of evidence supporting our client’s ongoing disability. After carefully reviewing the substantial evidence related to our client's disability, Prudential approved his claim for long-term disability benefits.

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