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New York Delivery Nurse with Chronic Pain Successfully Appeals Hartford’s Denial of LTD Benefits

A resident of New York City, Mrs. X suffers from a variety of debilitating conditions that have worsened over time. Among such conditions include bursitis of hip, chronic lumbar radiculopathy, impingement syndrome of shoulder, cervical radiculopathy, left upper arm pain, numbness of hand, osteoarthritis, bursitis of left knee, and status post cervical spine fusion.

Although she worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 19 years at Northwell Health, Mrs. X was forced to leave her job in December 2020 due to the widespread and chronic pain she experienced from her spinal conditions. She had a variety of spinal surgeries over the years, including a lumbar fusion in 2013, a cervical fusion in 2014, a second cervical fusion in 2022, and a third such surgery in December 2023. In 2021, she also had surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

A Valid LTD Benefits Claim Denied

For two years, Mrs. X received disability benefits from her insurance carrier, Hartford, throughout the two-year own occupation period. After this period lapsed, however, Hartford notified Mrs. X on July 24, 2023, that it terminated her long-term disability (LTD) benefits.

The reason for the denial was the opinion of a doctor who wrote in a self-conflicting report that Mrs. X has a sedentary work capacity despite an “objective disability.” That’s when Mrs. X decided to appeal the decision with help from us at Dabdoub Law Firm.

Fighting for a Better Outcome

We at Dabdoub Law Firm strive to help our clients achieve better outcomes when it comes to unfair decisions imposed by insurance companies. Upon reviewing Mrs. X’s claim and the evidence supporting it, it was clear to us that Hartford errored in denying her LTD benefits.

After demonstrating the evidence of Mrs. X’s disability, which involved a letter from her regular doctor, an independent functional capacity evaluation (FCE), and an independent medical examination, we successfully persuaded Hartford to reverse the error it made in denying Mrs. X’s LTD benefits.

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