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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Can Be Diagnosed with High Accuracy Due to New Test

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a medical condition that affects an estimated 1 million Americans, if not more. The number of exact cases is unknown due to the notorious difficulty surrounding what it takes to diagnose CFS. The condition triggers a variety of problems — including but not limited to joint pain, exhaustion, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and migraines — but pinpointing the cause to be CFS is not easy. Until now.

A team of researchers from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Center for Infection and Immunity is boasting they have developed a diagnostic test that can accurately predict or identify CFS in 84% of cases. With refinement, the team is hopeful the accuracy will continue to rise.

The study that led the researchers to their conclusion involved analyzing blood samples from 50 healthy adults and 50 adults who were suspected to have CFS. Within the blood samples, the researchers looked for more than 550 metabolites, or a bloodstream-byproduct from metabolizing certain foods, nutrients, and so forth. People with CFS had a noticeable concentration of metabolites that had mutations, which may be causing their cells to produce energy at a reduced rate. Due to the similarities between this most recent study and those conducted in years past, the researchers are confident in the accuracy and dependability of their data analysis and conclusions.

(To learn more about the CFS diagnostic study, you can click here to review an article from Medical News Today. To get right to the fine details of the study, you can click here to read the study in its entirety.)

CFS Diagnostic Study is Promising for Long-Term Disability Claimants

Living with chronic fatigue syndrome can be a day-to-day struggle. Activities and responsibilities that most people take for granted can be near impossible due to the persistent feeling of having no energy, which may be coupled with soreness and pain. As such, it is no surprise to find that people with CFS often struggle to hold onto gainful employment.

With the latest breakthrough in testing for and identifying CFS, it should be easier for people living with the condition to apply for long-term disability insurance benefits. Due to the past difficulty with clearly diagnosing CFS, insurance companies were tempted to deny any claims outright, knowing the claimant would face an uphill battle to prove their condition existed and indeed prevented them from completing necessary work duties. This will hopefully no longer be the case, especially when people apply for disability insurance benefits with the assistance of a long-term disability insurance lawyer or ERISA attorney.

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