Home Depot Terminates Worker 30 Days Before Scheduled Hip Surgery, Employee Alleges

The story of a Florida man named Roy Hall is going viral after he alleged he was terminated from Home Depot only a month before he was scheduled for hip surgery. It appears the popular home improvement company has attempted to avoid paying Mr. Hall short-term or long-term disability insurance benefits by finding a reason to fire him, according to Mr. Hall. In order to bring attention to the situation and warn many others across the nation who might be wronged in the same way, Mr. Hall has shared his story on his Facebook page, where it now has more than 12 million views.

According to Mr. Hall’s statements in his brief viral video, he had worked for Home Depot for several years, making him eligible for short-term and long-term disability benefits provided through the company. He notified the company that he needed hip surgery due to a medical condition that needed alleviation, which could only be completed through surgery. After his doctor approved of his surgery, Mr. Hall completed all the paperwork as needed, called Home Depot’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and sent them all the papers they requested.

Before he had a chance to turn in his final paperwork to his employer, he was called into a supervisor’s office and was terminated. The reason given was that he failed to “write up” fellow associates for company violations. This occurred only a few days after he received a promotion and 30 days before his scheduled surgery, which prompting Mr. Hall to immediately suspect the company had conducted foul play to save its finances and prevent him from using short- and/or long-term disability insurance benefits.

Lessons to Learn From Mr. Hall’s Story

The important thing to realize from Mr. Hall’s story of Home Depot terminating him shortly before he could get surgery and collect disability benefits is that he is not alone. This is not an absolutely unique tale of company or corporate wrongdoing to put profits over people. Every day, workers from all sorts of occupations and living with all types of disabling medical conditions struggle to receive long-term disability benefits. An employer may intervene and wrongfully terminate an employee, or an insurance company will deny the claim without valid reasoning. In either case, the result is the same: a hard-working individual is stripped of the financial assistance they deserve.

At Dabdoub Law Firm, our long-term disability insurance attorneys and ERISA lawyers see stories like that told by Mr. Hall from our clients — and we always do everything we can to set things right. We have the vast experience, industry insight, and legal knowledge needed to help file a claim, appeal a denial, negotiate a settlement, or even take a lawsuit to state or federal court. Throughout our years of practice, we have managed cases that involved every major insurance company in the country and for clients from coast-to-coast.

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