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Comorbid Chronic & Progressive Conditions Call for Long Term Disability Benefits

A Ventura woman was diagnosed with multiple chronic and progressive conditions that prevented her from completing gainful employment comfortably and safely. Yet, when she filed for long term disability benefits with Prudential, the insurance company denied her claim. Strangely, they said she had no disability at all that restricted her work, despite medical records that said otherwise. Dabdoub Law Firm was called upon to stand up for her rights and challenge the claim. With a comprehensive response to the denial, we convinced Prudential that LTD benefits were definitely justified, and they were approved.

Details of Our Client’s Chronic, Progressive Conditions

Our client was diagnosed with:

Many of these medical conditions were described by her doctors as progressive and chronic. In other words, the conditions were worsening and likely incurable. Doctors who reviewed our client’s medical history determined that she was likely only be able to return to any form of work with significant restrictions.

Strangely, Prudential did not try to argue against the diagnoses of the medical professionals. Instead, the insurance company acknowledged the accuracy of their reports, but went on to say that there was no disability experienced by our client at all. Apparently to try to back its own conclusion, Prudential brought forth their own medical reviewer, who said there were no restrictions or limitations caused by all of the conditions. This single opinion, which is clearly opposite that of several other doctors, prompted Prudential to terminate our client’s LTD benefits.

Throughout our years of practice, Dabdoub Law Firm has encountered every single major insurance company in the country. We know the tactics they try to use to deny claims, even when they know it is not the right thing to do. One such strategy is hiring their own physician to create a medical review that favors the insurance company by setting aside the facts. Knowing this tactic, our long term disability attorneys created a full response and challenge to the denial, urging Prudential to reverse its decision, or prepare for possible litigation. Under our pressure, Prudential reinstated the benefits our client needs and deserves.

Having an Experienced Disability Attorney Matters

Disability insurance law is complicated. If your claim for long term disability benefits was denied or is being delayed by an insurance company, it is important to get legal help from a lawyer who focuses on disability law. As a law firm built to focus disability insurance, all our lawyers spend every day working to get our clients disability benefits from insurance companies. Because federal ERISA law applies to most disability insurance claims, we do not have to be located in your state to help.

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