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The Hartford Minimizes Man's LTD Benefits, Citing Mental Health Limitation

The Hartford attempted to wrongfully apply a mental health limitation on a Tallahassee man’s policy, effectively reducing the long-term disability benefits he could utilize. To make matters more complicated, when Dabdoub Law Firm contacted the insurance company to appeal the decision, we were notified we only had a month to handle it, instead of the typical allowance of days. Inferred in its statements, The Hartford had predetermined that our client would recover from his mental health and physical health concerns, despite there being no medical evidence that would suggest a recovery is being made even now. In demanding to see the evidence used to reach this extraordinary conclusion, Our team instead convinced The Hartford to reverse its decision and reinstate the LTD benefits in full.

Details of the Future Health Prediction Case

Our client was receiving LTD benefits from The Hartford for multiple disabling medical conditions. He was later notified that a mental health limitation would be placed on his policy. The same letter instructed that he had 180 days or until the end of his benefits to response or appeal, whichever was greater.

However, when Dabdoub Law Firm contacted The Hartford, we were told the appeal would be due on a mere month away. As it would be discovered, The Hartford decided the appeal timeline began on the day the letter was first sent, despite that same letter explaining the contrary and extended timeline.

Seeing that The Hartford had apparently tried to trick our client into running out of time to appeal, we knew we had to act fast and get aggressive. Attorney Burgos challenged The Hartford to prove how it knew our client was going to suddenly become healthy enough to work again by the same time next year.

She also brought attention to the fact that the mental health limitation seemed to have been decided without any regards to his actual physical debilitations. Only years before, our client suffered a deep venous thrombosis that required an extended stay in a hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU). In other words, he was certainly not physically capable of continuing work as usual, as his primary physician had concluded time and time again.

Lastly, our client’s physician has suggested that the mental health concerns experienced are likely related to an underlying physical condition, such as continued pain or trauma caused by the thrombosis.

Given its inability to come up with evidence to back its decision since no such evidence existed, The Hartford conceded. Our client was provided a reinstatement of his benefits as usual, before the mental health limitation was placed on the policy.

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