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Lincoln Cancels LTD Benefits for Woman with Breathing Complications

A woman in Montgomery, Illinois was diagnosed with a number of respiratory complications, including asthma, restrictive lung disease, and sleep apnea. Her health conditions were exacerbated by her morbid obesity and diabetes. The culmination of her symptoms resulted in chronic fatigue, brought on by physical and mental exhaustion alongside an erratic, shortened sleep cycle. She was prescribed a CPAP mask to help her get enough oxygen while she sleeps, but the machinery mostly just keeps her awake due to its awkward design.

Lincoln Cancels Our Client’s LTD Benefits Early

Our client’s treating physician determined that it was unreasonable for her to continue full-time employment with her current health conditions. It was determined that the continued struggles and sleep deficit our client were suffering, she also began to exhibit signs of cognitive impairment, such as an inability to focus and uncontrolled slumber during a workday. Despite the clear diagnosis from her doctors, our client was not provided full long-term disability (LTD) insurance benefits from Lincoln.

In its decision, Lincoln seems to willfully ignore the evidence of disability presented by our client’s medical providers. Furthermore, Lincoln claimed our client was not compliant with her treatment requirements because her CPAP mask did not fit properly, causing it to fall off or not be worn some nights. A poorly fitted CPAP mask is not something that is under our client’s control and she cannot be reasonably blamed for opting not to use it from time to time. Lincoln seems to have taken that bit of information from her medical statements, exaggerated it, and based their entire decision to cancel her LTD benefits on it.

Dabdoub Law Firm Steps In & Wins

We handle many, many LTD insurance benefits cases each year here at Dabdoub Law Firm, but the circumstances in this client’s case are somewhat rare. It is not often that an insurance company blatantly ignores and misinterprets evidence to reach its own goals and deny benefits to a person in need. It is also not often for them to reverse their stance so readily. After a stern challenge letter sent from our firm, Lincoln reinstated her benefits. She can now continue to focus on her health without having to worry so much about finances.

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