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STD Benefits Reinstated & LTD Benefits Initiated for Ultrasound Technologist

CIGNA terminated an ultrasound technologist’s short term disability benefits early due to a misinterpretation of her medical files. Dabdoub Law Firm was able to turn the situation around, though. She lives in Riverview, Florida, but we were able to represent her since ERISA law is a federal statute. We challenged the early termination in an appeal and convinced CIGNA to initiate long term disability benefits instead.

Details of the Ultrasound Technologist Case

As an experienced ultrasound technologist, our client has a demanding job that keeps her busy throughout each shift. Unfortunately, she began to develop chronic pain in her hips, back, and knees. Before long, she was unable to continue working due to the disabling nature of her medical conditions.

In recognition of the severity of her disabilities, CIGNA actually approved her short term disability benefits. She began in-depth rehabilitative treatments, but no marked improvement has been noticed by her treating physicians. Indeed, at least one of her doctors considers our client to be “totally disabled.”

Even though there was no improvement in her condition, and there were medical reasons to believe it was worsening, CIGNA canceled her short term disability benefits early. It appeared that CIGNA had misinterpreted the extent of her disability as described in her medical files, relying on an erroneous report from its own medical director, not her doctors. It also seemed to not consider the description of her job duties, which included expectations like lifting 100 pounds – a task she simply cannot safely achieve today.

Dabdoub Law Firm stepped in to represent our client to appeal the denial. Not only did we want to reverse the early termination of her benefits, but we sought to also initiate long term disability (LTD) benefits in their place. With a compelling and thorough argument brought to CIGNA on our client’s behalf, along with ample medical records of her disabilities, we were able to get the insurer to concede and approve her LTD benefits.

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