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LTD Benefits Reinstated for Client Living with Multiple Comorbid Conditions

A financial advisor living in Sunrise, Florida was diagnosed with HIV, AIDS, and several other serious comorbid conditions. CIGNA initially approved his long term disability benefits, only to cancel the benefits six months later without any improvement in his medical conditions. Indeed, many of his conditions are considered to be incurable and will worsen with time. Dabdoub Law Firm intervened and helped him successfully re-secure LTD benefits from CIGNA.

Details of the Financial Advisor LTD Case

Our client was forced into resignation due to his comorbid conditions, leaving behind a successful career as a financial advisor. He was stricken with a variety of severe conditions that caused significant disability. To name only a few of his comorbid conditions, he was diagnosed with HIV, AIDS, depression, and chronic back pain.

In October 2019, CIGNA approved of his long term disability benefits, noting the severity of his comorbid conditions. Yet, only six months later, the insurance company terminated his benefits. It had inexplicably reached the new conclusion that he was indeed capable of holding gainful employment, despite there being no improvement to his conditions at all.

Furthermore, our client was prescribed strong opioids to help lessen the chronic pain caused by all of his medical complications. As one of his doctors pointed out, the opioids alone cause a mental fog that hinders his ability to focus. That is to say, on the best days and while using necessary medications, gainful employment would still be painful, if not impossible, to hold.

As Dabdoub Law Firm began to work on our client’s case, we uncovered that a doctor was chosen by CIGNA to perform the medical evaluation that led to the insurer’s sudden termination of his LTD benefits. We have been working exclusively on LTD benefits cases and claims for years, so we are fully familiar with this doctor’s practice history. In all of the cases in which we have crossed paths with this doctor, he has never found a patient to be disabled. Let us just say, “he knows where his bread is buttered.” This unwavering pattern of medical evaluations from one doctor is concerning, as it suggests either intentionally skewed evaluations or a noticeable misunderstanding of medical sciences.

With our diligent approach to casework, we were able to convince CIGNA to concede and reinstate our client’s LTD benefits. What’s more, we also were successful in the reinstatement of our client’s waiver of life (WOLP) benefits. The firm’s experience in handling disability insurance appeals and knowing the usual culprits insurance companies use to for so-called independent examinations was a main reason our disability law firm was able to win back our clients LTD benefits.

Hiring an Experienced Disability Insurance Lawyer is Important

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Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, we can help you even if we are not located in your state. Disability insurance companies have lawyers. You should too. Call Dabdoub Law Firm to get experienced disability lawyers on your side.

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