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Successful LTD Appeal of Liberty Benefits for Trucker with Chronic Colitis & Accident Injuries in Oregon

Dabdoub Law Firm recently succeeded in an appeal for a Tualatin, Oregon truck driver, who suffers from the symptoms of chronic ulcerative colitis and the consequences of a severe car accident. Liberty approved his short term disability benefits but used the same medical information to somehow deny his long term disability benefits. We used substantial medical evidence and a direct challenge of Liberty’s reasoning to win this case for our client.

Details of Chronic Colitis & Crash Claim Case

Our client was a truck driver who lived with the symptoms of chronic ulcerative colitis for years before continued work became unreasonable and unsafe. Only days after he worked his final shift with his employer, he was seriously injured in a rear-end accident that was not his fault. The airbags in his car failed to deploy, which caused his seatbelt to tighten around him intensely, further worsening his colitis, as well as causing other medical complications like back and neck pain. Matters would take a turn for the worse when he had to be hospitalized for his ulcerative colitis months later.

Liberty decided to approve his short term disability benefits. However, only weeks after his hospitalization, the insurance company had somehow concluded that he had recovered from all of his injuries and denied him any long term disability benefits.

Dabdoub Law Firm was called upon to manage his appeal. Our attorneys set out to collect ample medical evidence of the disabilities caused both by his chronic ulcerative colitis and his neck and back injuries suffered in the crash. At one point, doctors had worried he could lose his colon due to the severity of his ulcerative colitis. The fact that he has no control of his bowels should alone be enough to validate the need for LTD benefits. Atop these conditions, he cannot bend, lift, or kneel and suffers from insomnia due to the car accident-related injuries.

In our conclusion, we found that our client was absolutely unable to reasonably hold occupation in any field. It was also determined that Liberty had wrongfully denied his benefits based on inaccurate or incomplete medical information at best, or that it had intentionally denied his benefits for no proper reason at worst. Thanks to the strength of our appeal and the dedication of our attorneys, this case resulted in a success for our client, who is now receiving LTD benefits as needed.

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