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Dentist's LTD Benefits Terminated Early by Lincoln, Dabdoub Law Firm Appeals Twice

Our client worked out of Tulsa, Oklahoma as a dentist with his own practice. However, a complicated lung disease combined with chronic back and neck pain prevented him from continuing his occupation in 2017. He could not even find the strength to hold his daughter, who was only two months old.

Lincoln National approved his long-term disability (LTD) benefits, only to cut them short. He had no improvement whatsoever to his health conditions that would validate the termination. Dabdoub Law Firm had to appeal twice to the insurer, threatening litigation, before they would reverse their decision and reinstate his benefits.

Details of the Dentist’s Double Appeal Case

After our client could no longer continue his dentistry practice due to his lung disease and chronic pains, Lincoln acknowledged the severity of his conditions by approving of his LTD benefits. At the time, the insurer concluded he could not walk, sit, or stand as needed throughout any given workday. Yet not long after the benefits were first approved, they were terminated due to the findings of a second doctor contracted by Lincoln.

This second doctor first claimed that our client’s symptoms were only self-reported, which they were not. In the next report, they claimed the conditions provided no reason for him to be disabled and unable to work, despite the original conclusion being that he was clearly disabled. It must be noted that no doctor had ever seen any improvement in our client’s health conditions at this time or to this day.

In a second appeal, our attorneys asked Lincoln to explain how it had reached the conclusion that our client was suddenly able to work. Since the decision was made with such confidence as to outright terminate his LTD benefits, it must have been backed by some sound medical proof. At least, that is what would be expected under normal, fair circumstances.

As we did not expect Lincoln to be able to explain itself, or even make an effort to do so, we doubled down by giving a long list of evidence that supported our client along with the appeal. There were medical records that noted his oxygen intake levels that were compromised by his lung disease, medical peer reviews by a board-certified cardiologist, and more. The clear conclusion based on the argument we presented was that Lincoln’s doctor was flawed in their decision to downplay his medical conditions, and, therefore, the insurer was erroneous in canceling his LTD benefits early.

At the threat of litigation spearheaded by such a prepared and recognized legal team, Lincoln conceded. Our client is now able to enjoy the LTD benefits he so rightly deserves.

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