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Woman Hits Head, Suffers from Chronic Exhaustion Requiring LTD Benefits

A woman in Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania slipped and hit her head in her own home. As a result of the head injury, she now suffers from chronic migraines, constant exhaustion, and other complicated medical conditions. Due to a misunderstanding of her conditions, Georgia Life canceled her long-term disability (LTD) benefits early. Dabdoub Law Firm intervened with an appeal, convincing the insurer to reinstate her benefits as needed.

Details of the Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Case

After her head injury, our client suffered from headaches, memory loss, double vision, several other cognitive issues, and chronic shoulder pain. Though, the most dramatic of her symptoms is her chronic exhaustion, also called excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) or idiopathic hypersomnia. When she is not feeling extremely fatigued, she is sleeping. There have even been numerous occasions where our client will fall asleep seemingly at random and completely out of her control, such as when she is walking her dog or stepping down the stairs.

Due to the complete unpredictability of her idiopathic hypersomnia, our client simply cannot hold gainful employment in any field. Just driving to work puts her at severe risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. At most, she is able to stay awake for two or three hours, but there are times where she dozes off several times an hour.

Georgia Life determined our client qualified for LTD benefits due to her migraines, fatigue, and other complications of her head injury. However, it would later pass her claim to a case evaluator who outright misunderstood her medical conditions. The evaluator thought her EDS was merely a mental health issue and found it did not qualify her for continued LTD benefits. The truth is her symptoms are caused by a physical health issue, the head injury she suffered in her home in 2016.

Since her disability is based on a physical injury, it was erroneous to judge her claim as if it was purely a mental health disability. To this end, there is simply no evidence to suggest terminating her benefits was justified. With an appeal filed by our team here at Dabdoub Law Firm, Georgia Life thankfully discovered the mistake it had made and agreed to approve her LTD benefits.

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