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Aetna Denies LTD Benefits of Lifelong Airplane Mechanic

Our client, a Key West man, worked as an airplane mechanic his entire life, starting at the age of 18. He loved his job and had a passion for flying aircraft. Unfortunately, the onset of advanced osteoarthritis and other similar health conditions stopped him from continuing his work at Pacific Architects and Engineers.

Aetna initially denied his long-term disability benefits, claiming there was not enough medical evidence to support the severity of his conditions. Dabdoub Law Firm was retained to stand up for him, appeal the denial, and set things right. We are happy to say we were successful in our venture, appealing the denial and getting our client his much-deserved LTD benefits.

Details of the Lifelong Airplane Mechanic Case

While employed as an airplane mechanic who helped service naval aircraft, our client began to suffer from worsening pain in his hands, back, neck, wrists, and other body parts. Working as an aircraft mechanic is intricate and demanding work. Each day, he needs to be able to carry around tools and equipment, dexterously use his fingers to manipulate tools, and focus with deliberateness. It is no stretch to say that his work on naval aircraft was of the utmost importance, as incorrect maintenance could jeopardize the life of any pilot using the aircraft later.

To this end, our client could no longer reasonably complete his duties as an airplane mechanic. Day-to-day requirements of the job became too painful, and he could not focus on his work as needed.

He would later see multiple specialists alongside his primary care physician. Diagnoses established by these medical professionals included lumbar radiculopathy, chronic low back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, and more. Several treatment methods – spinal injections, oxycodone prescriptions, physical therapy, etc. – all proved to be ineffective. Our client’s rheumatologist even concluded that any kind of work requiring the dexterous use of his hands would be impossible.

When the case was brought to Aetna’s attention, a denial came rapidly and with little explanation. In fact, the denial was so swift, it became clear that Aetna had not actually considered the significant medical records provided with the initial LTD claim. In our appeal, we challenged Aetna to review the medical records again and decide if a “lack of information” was actually an appropriate way to describe our client’s claim. It was not long after our appeal did Aetna decide to withdraw its denial, and our client is now enjoying the disability benefits he so deserves.

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