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Nurse with Chronic Lip Infections Denied LTD Benefits by Unum

A nurse in High Point, North Carolina came to Dabdoub Law Firm for help after Unum terminated her long-term disability benefits early. She had filed due to chronic lip damage, which puts her at a significant risk of severe infection, especially when working in a medical setting as a nurse. Our legal team was able to challenge Unum’s decision and get them to reinstate her benefits without the need of going to court, saving everyone time, resources, and energy.

Details of the Chronic Lip Injury Case

Our client went to the emergency room in September 2018 due to severe blistering on her lips and around her mouth. A misdiagnosis of her medical condition caused her doctors to make her condition worse while trying to treat it. To this day, the severe injury to her lips persists and puts her at constant risk of a dangerous infection. Indeed, she has contracted numerous infections due to her damaged and exposed lips in just about a year’s time.

She filed for long-term disability (LTD) benefits with Unum since her condition meant she could no longer work as a nurse. Being around the ill would only increase the already-high odds of getting sick herself. Despite this obvious truth, Unum terminated her benefits early and without proper explanation.

Dabdoub Law Firm jumped into action to undo the insurer’s erroneous decision. We determined that Unum had not fully analyzed her claim and medical records, rejecting her benefits bid without knowing the details of her condition. In our challenge letter to the insurance provider, we provided a quote from one of our client’s doctors, who said quite clearly, it is a “medically unacceptable risk for [our client] to return to her regular occupation” until her lips are able to fully heal, which may be a matter of years at the current rate of progression. In actuality, her condition has not progressed at all since her condition resists treatment.

Faced with the influential medical evidence compiled by our lawyers, Unum reversed its decision. Our client was provided LTD benefits once again, and she can now focus on resting and trying to recuperate.

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