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Can My Insurance Company Pay My Long Term Disability Benefits In Advance Because of Coronavirus?

Many are asking if they can ask the insurance company to pay long term disability benefits for a few months in advance because of the coronavirus pandemic. Concerns about the coronavirus are understandable, as we are living in uncertain times.

Across the country, businesses and residents are being ordered to go on lockdown. The same may happen with disability insurance companies. But can insurance companies advance pay long term disability benefits?

Reasons to Advance Pay Long Term Disability Benefits

Most disability insurance companies were already set up with remote work capabilities due to their nationwide presence. Nonetheless, it may be possible to ask your disability insurance company to pay benefits in advance during this time.

While there is no guarantee they will do so, you will have a more compelling argument if:

  • You have been on long-term disability for many years;
  • You have already been awarded disability benefits from the Social Security Administration;
  • You are no longer in the own occupation period of your disability insurance policy;
  • Your doctors have been consistent in their opinion that you cannot return to work;
  • There has been no improvement in your medical condition; or
  • Your disabling condition is chronic and permanent in nature.

Reasons an Insurance Company May Want to Advance Pay Long Term Disability Benefits

We already know some disability insurance companies will advance pay long term disability claims. UNUM, for instance, will advance pay and close a claim in situations where less than a year of disability benefits are expected to be paid either because the disabled person is returning to work or the insurance policy’s maximum benefit period is near.

The logic behind advance paying and closing a claim is that the insurance company already knows it has to pay these benefits, so it might as well pay them and not have the additional costs of administering the claims. This same logic can be applied to the coronavirus situation. If you are being paid long term disability benefits for a condition that is expected to last into the foreseeable future, then advance payment makes sense for both the disabled claimant and the insurance company.

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