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Stroke Survivor Gets LTD Benefits from CIGNA - But They're Canceled Early

A Lockheed Martin employee in Philadelphia suffered a disabling stroke in late 2017. The lingering health conditions of the stroke have made holding any sort of gainful employment impossible. CIGNA agreed that she could no longer work and approved her long-term disability insurance benefits. However, the insurer revoked the benefits early and without explanation, leaving her in a precarious financial situation. Dabdoub Law Firm got right to work on her case and successfully challenged their decision, convincing them to reinstate the terminated LTD benefits.

Details of the Stroke LTD Termination Case

When our client suffered her stroke, it became quickly clear to her medical providers that returning to work in any capacity would be an unreasonable challenge. To this day, she can experience random, unpredictable full-body seizures that require her to be constantly in control of her surroundings and capable of receiving emergency care. She also suffers daily from chronic pain, fatigue, and cognitive impairments, including memory loss.

CIGNA clearly understood the severity of her symptoms because it initially approved of her LTD benefits. In its decision to terminate her benefits early, CIGNA must only be saying that her health has improved enough to the point that she no longer requires disability benefits.

However, an honest review of her medical records proves this is not the case. Indeed, there is no evidence to suggest that her conditions have improved at all in the last few years.

In order to try to justify its wrongful denial, CIGNA isolated a small portion of her medical record and misconstrued what it was reported. At one point, our client’s treating neurologist noted that she had not suffered a seizure since her daily dosage of Keppra – a prescription anticonvulsant – was increased. The full context of the note speaks much differently, though. Her neurologist continues by saying that her likelihood of suffering a seizure is still dangerously high and that their predictability is still nonexistent. In conclusion, the neurologist states clearly that she “cannot reliably attend a full-time job” until clear health improvements are made, assuming any are even possible.

At Dabdoub Law Firm, we have seen all types of disability claims and know all forms of insurance company tactics, including cherry-picking details to try to justify a denial or termination of benefits. Recognizing this less-than-straightforward methodology, we challenged CIGNA directly, warned them that they had breached their fiduciary duty owed to our client through ERISA law, and advised they rectify the situation promptly to avoid litigation and further legal complications. With our intent and abilities clear, CIGNA conceded, and now our client once again has her much-needed LTD benefits.

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