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Akron Woman with EDS & Light Sensitivity Denied LTD Benefits by Liberty

An Akron woman was diagnosed with a number of comorbid conditions, including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and extreme light sensitivity. Struggling to continue her work as a Department Secretary with the Akron Children’s Hospital, our client was forced to file for long-term disability insurance benefits through Liberty. Despite admitting that our client was indeed experiencing a form of disability, the insurance company chose to deny her claim. It was only after Dabdoub Law Firm and our lawyers countered their decision did Liberty reverse its stance and agree to approve her claim.

Details of the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Case

Working as a Department Secretary required our client to stay mentally sharp and focused, as well as move around on her feet quite often. In other words, the work would be considered busy or intense by pretty much anyone. When her Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) flared up and worsened, though, continuing work without putting herself in constant pain and anxiety became impossible.

EDS is a rare medical condition that causes overly flexible joints, painful and frequent joint dislocations, chronic pain, skin bruising, and the risk of major blood vessel ruptures. To make matters worse, our client’s medical care team also diagnosed her with occipital neuralgia or extreme sensitivity to light. Even dim lights can trigger intense, crippling migraines in our client. In other words, just walking into the typical office setting would very likely put her under extreme duress. The culmination of her physical symptoms also manifested as depression, further disabling her.

When Liberty received her claim for LTD benefits, there seemed to be a contradictory assessment of the situation. At one point, the insurer admitted that she would only be able to work in a “less than sedentary” capacity. Yet her claim was denied as if she was fully capable of continuing her work.

Upon picking up this case, our LTD attorneys had a difficult time determining what Liberty used behind its reasoning for the denial. All of the provided medical records painted a clear picture that our client was disabled by chronic pain alone, before even factoring in her other comorbid conditions. A Comprehensive Pain Management Specialist even said that triggers for her chronic pain, facial numbness, and headaches were not yet identified, meaning serious flare-ups could potentially occur randomly and without warning. Her genetic diagnosis of EDS remains the most likely source of the majority of her health concerns, though.

We challenged Liberty to take another careful look at our client’s medical record to understand that she truly should be considered eligible for LTD benefits, as they first admitted themselves. Thankfully, we were able to save our client time and trouble by ending this case in their favor before it had to go to court.

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