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Are Independent Medical Examinations Truly Independent?

It’s not always easy to receive the insurance benefits that you know you rightfully deserve. Unfortunately, insurance companies are in the business of earning profits, not necessarily helping people as they claim.

Sadly, because the insurance industry operates to turn a profit, everyday people suffer as a result of wrongfully denied benefits.

One of the ways that long-term disability insurance companies save money is by undervaluing or completely devaluing their customer’s claims.

“How?” You might ask.

Through the use of independent medical examinations (IMEs). Here’s the not-so-pretty truth about whether IMEs are truly independent:

Insurance Companies Pay the Doctors

The purpose of an IME is to have an unbiased physician’s opinion regarding your condition requiring long-term disability benefits. This expert opinion is designed to help the insurance companies come to a decision regarding your claim. Insurance providers like to weigh the IME report more heavily than your own doctor’s opinions because they claim that you have an ongoing relationship with your doctor, which means your physician is more likely to write a report in your favor.

However, the insurance companies are allowed to hire whoever they want, and they can use the same doctors over and over again. Insurance providers come to build relationships with these doctors. In fact, some of these doctors even sell their services to the insurance companies by saying they will help save them money by writing reports that allow them to deny claims.

Does that truly sound independent to you?

That’s because it’s not.

An IME Request May Be Cause for Concern

If you are asked to endure an IME after applying for long-term disability benefits, this may be cause for concern. A reason you may be asked to do so is that the insurance company wants to catch you in a lie or an over-exaggeration regarding your ailment.

Another reason they may do this is to significantly undermine your claim, which will mean they don’t have to pay you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

If the insurance company is requesting that you undergo an IME, it’s critical to your case that you contact a skilled long-term disability attorney right away. Having skilled legal representation on your side can make all the difference in the outcome of your claim. Don’t delay—contact our office right away to discuss your case.

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