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Should My Doctors Speak with the Insurance Company’s Doctors?

Support from your treating physicians is very important in your claim for disability benefits. Without the support of your doctors, it will be difficult to receive disability payments.

Even though your doctors may have submitted medical records, letters, or statements supporting your disability and inability to work, the insurance company may still hire their own doctor to review the medical records and give their opinion as to whether you are disabled. These reviewing physicians may reach out to your doctors to discuss your claim. This generally happens after the submission of a claim or appeal for benefits. You should inform your doctors that the insurance company may reach out to them directly. Ask your doctor’s office to notify you if such contact is made.

The insurance company’s doctor will likely disagree with your doctor’s medical conclusions. Thus, your doctor should speak with the insurance company’s physician if he or she strongly supports your claim for disability benefits and is willing to go to bat for you during that conversation.

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