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CIGNA LINA Says Houston Woman Suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Return to Work with Troubled Youths

Our client is a caretaker by nature and worked extremely hard caring for children and adolescents at a residential facility for treating mental illness in Houston, Texas. She cooked, cleaned, drove patients to their appointments, and performed safety checks every 15 minutes. Her job was physically and mentally demanding – but rewarding.

Suddenly, the physical demands of her occupation caught up with her, and she began experiencing extreme fatigue and joint pain. Naturally, she sought treatment, where she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Over time, our client’s symptoms did not improve, so she was forced to stop working and file for long-term disability (LTD) benefits. She felt grateful to have a policy with CIGNA LINA, but the insurance company denied her claim.

Running out of options, our client contacted Dabdoub Law Firm for help.

Documented Reports of Pain and Fatigue

Helping our client was easy because her reports of pain and fatigue were well documented and supported in her medical records. We also had objective medical evidence of her conditions from recent blood work, MRIs, and a CT scan.

Our client has rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, and joint pain. Through no fault of her own, she suffers an autoimmune disorder accompanied by neurological problems and mental health conditions.

Chronic pain alone would be enough to justify our client’s claim for long-term disability benefits, but she also suffers from major depressive order and generalized anxiety. She has no energy, she cannot sleep, and her motivation to carry on is extremely low. She also faces problems with concentration and memory.

Combined, our client’s physical and psychiatric factors cause cognitive impairments and prevent her from working in the job she loves.

CIGNA LINA Acknowledged Disability but Denies Claim Anyways

In its denial letter, CIGNA LINA acknowledged our client’s rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, and fibromyalgia. Nevertheless, the insurance company scoffed at our client’s objective medical evidence and only considered details that favored its denial.

“Cherry picking” evidence like this is a textbook violation of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). CIGNA LINA did not act in our client’s best interests. Rather, it has failed to consider our client’s medical conditions, how they interact, and the details of her specific case.

With her appeal, our client provided all she possibly could to prove her disability. Since she began experiencing fatigue and joint pain, she has done everything right.

CIGNA LINA is the party that made a mistake, and Dabdoub Law Firm asked the company to conduct a full and fair review of our client’s case.

To avoid litigation, CIGNA LINA complied and had no choice but to approve our client’s claim for LTD benefits.

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