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How to Prepare Yourself for a Disability Insurance Claim

Are you considering submitting a claim for long-term disability benefits with your insurance company?

How To Prepare Yourself For A Disability Claim

  1. Doctor Support

The first question we ask all potential clients who present themselves with a disability claim, is whether they have their doctor’s support. Doctor support is key in all disability claims.

To prepare for your claim, let your doctors know you plan on submitting a claim for disability. Explain why you are unable to work due to your medical condition(s) and tell them you will need their help.

  1. Medical Records

Almost all policies require you to be under the regular care of a physician. This requires presenting medical records to the insurance company showing you have been receiving regular care for your disability. Additionally, the medical records should reflect the severity of your condition. This includes abnormal physical exam findings, abnormal imagining and/or testing, and your doctors’ notes reflecting the impact your condition has on your functionality.

  1. Loss of Income

Almost all long-term disability insurance policies have an Elimination Period: a period of time before benefits are paid. The most common time period is 180 days (6 months). This typically coincides with short-term disability benefits, but if you do not have short term disability coverage you may be without income for at least 6 months.

Further, if the insurance company denies your claim and you have to appeal the decision, that is another period of time that you will be without an income until your claim is resolved.

Lawyers with Expertise in Disability Insurance Claims

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