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Sedgwick Approves Disability Benefits After Dabdoub Law Firm Appeals Denial

Our Miami, FL client initially received approval from Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. (Sedgwick) for short-term disability (STD) benefits from June through September 2021 for chronic pain due to spinal issues and a variety of debilitating symptoms.

Although he submitted the appropriate medical evidence that he remained disabled beyond September, Sedgwick stalled and did not extend our client’s benefits beyond their original timeframe nor worked towards turning them into long-term disability (LTD) benefits as necessary.

Our client reached out to Dabdoub Law Firm to get results with their appeal as Sedgwick stalled for months, leaving him without the financial support he deserves as he is unable to work.

Our Client Cannot Work Due to Severe Chronic Pain

As part of our client’s supporting evidence of his disability, we provided an MRI report, his updated medical record, and a physician questionnaire.

The MRI report established spinal issues including a disc herniation and a central disc protrusion. Those physical findings explain our client’s chronic pain and reduced range of motion and mobility.

Our Miami client also suffers from severe chronic headaches that cause moderate and constant pain in addition to his other debilitating symptoms.

The physician questionnaire confirmed our client is unable to perform full-time sedentary work and would need to take at least four days of leave every month if engaging in any type of work. The doctor also reiterated that our client is always in pain.

Sedgwick Wrongfully Denied Disability Benefits and Stalled the Appeal Process

Our client provided sufficient medical evidence that his spinal issues interfered with his ability to perform daily activities and any kind of work. Sedgwick had no reasonable ground to deny the extension of his short-term disability benefits and his claim for a transition to LTD benefits.

Although Sedgwick stalled the appeal process which cost time and resources to our Miami client, Dabdoub Law Firm reached a positive outcome in the summer of 2022 and the insurance provider approved all the necessary disability benefits for our client.

Disability Insurance Companies Have Lawyers. Shouldn’t You?

Because Dabdoub Law Firm was created to focus on disability insurance, we have developed expertise in this complex area of the law.

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All our lawyers commit every day to helping people get disability benefits from UNUM, MetLife, LifeMap Assurance Company, Northwestern Mutual, Hartford, CIGNA, and others.

Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, we do not have to be located in your state to help. We help clients nationwide. You don’t need to worry about attorney fees as we only get paid if we win your case.

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