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Hartford Approves Disability Benefits After Successful Appeal

Due to spinal pain, our client from Jackson, Mississippi, experiences severe chronic pain that interferes with his daily life and prevents him from having a job. He submitted a claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits with Hartford. The insurance company denied his claim regardless of extensive medical evidence about his health situation, including his back pain.

Frustrated with this wrongful decision, our client contacted Dabdoub Law Firm and we assisted him in preparing and filing his appeal.

Chronic Pain Severely Interferes with Our Client’s Life

Before its doctors completed their medical review that resulted in the denial of LTD benefits, Hartford knew that our client’s treating physicians considered he was unable to work. To add to the existing medical evidence, our client underwent a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) in May 2022.

The FCE report states that our client experiences:

  • High risk of falls
  • Limitations in all weight tasks
  • Limitations in any prolonged and/or complex posture holds during stationary activities
  • Loss of strength and neurological control of the right lower extremity
  • Pain and numbness due to lumbar radiculopathy while standing or sitting
  • Poor gait and balance

The doctor who performed the FCE concluded that our client was unfit for sedentary work.

Our Client’s Wife Needs to Act as His Caretaker

Due to his severe disability, our client has difficulties caring for himself. His wife had to become his around-the-clock caretaker. In a letter from April 2022, she detailed how her husband is unable to care for himself for physical and sometimes mental symptoms. She has to help him bathe and clothe on many occasions, in addition, to driving him to his doctor appointments because he cannot drive.

Hartford and Its Doctors Wrongfully Claimed Our Client Was Able to Work Full Time

Hartford’s doctors considered that nothing prevented our client from working full time although their medical review still included elements that directly demonstrate his disability. The two doctors did not even attempt to reconcile these contradictions.

The doctors’ baseless claims included that our client’s “limited endurance [was] not a factor” in pursuing full-time employment. They found no issue when acknowledging that our client’s symptoms “impair his ability to partake in activities that require balancing and risk for falls.”

Thanks to Dabdoub Law Firm’s dedication and additional medical evidence we submitted, Hartford reversed its decision and approved our client’s long-term disability benefits in the summer of 2022.

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