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Hartford Terminates LTD Benefits for Boca Raton, FL Sales Representative with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dabdoub Law Firm Restores LTD Benefits for Florida Client

In August 2022, Dabdoub Law Firm reached out to Hartford on behalf of our client in Boca Raton, FL. After her insurer wrongfully terminated her long-term disability (LTD) benefits, this Florida resident turned to our experienced lawyers for assistance. Keep reading for more on this latest success story.

Our Attorneys Appealed to Hartford on Our Boca Raton Client’s Behalf

Despite overwhelming evidence to support her disability, our client was unfairly denied the benefits she rightfully deserves after Hartford saw fit to terminate her plan without cause. Fortunately, our Florida client turned to our accomplished disability lawyers to right this egregious wrong.

Attorney Kevin Schaefer, one of our passionate lawyers at Dabdoub Law Firm, was understandably stumped by this careless decision. “The objective evidence of disability is staggering,” he told the insurer, adding that the medical records “overwhelmingly confirm” the extent of our client’s condition.

Before becoming disabled, our Florida client enjoyed her longstanding career as a Senior Sales Representative. For over 23 years, she excelled at her job with every intention of continuing to climb the corporate ladder of success. Unfortunately, life had other plans. Following her complicated medical history—including spinal fusion surgery and multiple carpal tunnel surgeries—our client was eventually unable to perform the demands of her job, a fact that was further validated by a rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnosis in 2019.

Despite the odds stacked against her, our client defied them by demonstrating admirable resilience. In spite of battling severe and chronic pain, she determinedly continued working until her body could no longer perform the physical demands of her occupation, leading her to leave her position and file for long-term disability benefits.

While Hartford initially acknowledged our client's inability to perform full-time work, they abruptly terminated her LTD benefits less than a couple of years later—an unjustified act, given that her medical records reflected no change in her condition. On the contrary, our client's records reflected that her condition had worsened over time, a predictable turn in patients suffering from RA.

“Hartford’s termination of LTD benefits was wrong, unreasonable, and frankly, cruel,” Attorney Schaefer pointed out, going on to say that our client has always met the definition of disability under Hartford’s policy, a fact clearly demonstrated by the extensive medical evidence provided.

“[The client] experiences symptoms that would cause her to be unable to work in a sedentary occupation on a consistent and reliable basis,” one physician confirmed, and a vocational consultant supported his conclusion, adding that our client “is unable to perform the essential duties of her own occupation.”

Fortunately, Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed to Hartford on our client’s behalf, reinstating her long-term disability benefits and holding the insurance company accountable for its failure to uphold its legal obligations under ERISA law. We’re glad to say that our Boca Raton client is now receiving the support and financial assistance she’s rightfully entitled to as a disabled American.

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