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Dabdoub Law Secures Disability Benefits for LA Cancer Survivor

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures Disability Benefits for LA Client

In January 2023, Dabdoub Law Firm had the privilege of helping our California client obtain the disability benefits they deserve. Not only has our client been diagnosed with various life-altering medical conditions, but they have been forced to navigate a constellation of health hardships for decades without help. Fortunately, our experienced disability insurance lawyers were able to successfully secure the disability benefits that our client is rightfully entitled to.

Los Angeles Cancer Survivor Turns to Our Disability Attorneys for Help

After being diagnosed with breast cancer 16-17 years ago, our Los Angeles client underwent chemotherapy, mastectomies, reconstruction, and hormone therapy. In 2013, they were diagnosed with peritoneal and liver metastases and underwent debulking surgery to remove the omentum, uterus, ovaries, and numerous tumors, including a baseball-sized tumor on the client's liver.

Impressively, our client continued to establish her career despite numerous health issues, becoming an associate medical director before moving to California, where their treatment continued. As the years passed, it grew increasingly difficult for our client to tend to patients and perform their career to the best of their abilities due to the severity of their symptoms. This is especially because our client's day-to-day activities required flexibility and the ability to meet certain physical demands, like driving.

Eventually, the pain and intensity of our client’s medical conditions forced them to change careers to accommodate ongoing treatments. In October 2022, gastrointestinal issues revealed cancer advancement, leading to additional treatments and severe side effects that didn’t prevent the cancer from spreading. A few months later, our client was hospitalized again after suffering from abdominal pain, weakness, and fever.

The following January, our client began TPN (a type of treatment used when a patient’s digestive system does not work properly) and round-the-clock opioid medication to manage the pain of their condition. That same month, our client underwent paracentesis—also known as an “abdominal tap”—and received a blood transfusion to remove a staggering 5 liters of fluid.

Our client expressed that although they look “5-7 months pregnant” due to tumors and ascites, their balance and cane use improved after the distention went down. “Unfortunately, it is a temporary measure,” our client aptly pointed out. Not only does paracentesis entail many serious side effects, such as infection and bleeding, but our client’s continued hardships regarding medication, treatments, side effects, and self-sufficiency certainly justified the need for disability benefits to manage their pain, symptoms, and overall quality of life.

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