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Dabdoub Law Firm Restores LTD Benefits for San Juan Client with Depression

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures LTD Benefits for San Juan Client

This past January, Dabdoub Law Firm had the privilege of assisting our client in San Juan, Puerto Rico after Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company failed to uphold its legal obligations under ERISA law. After her claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits was denied, this Puerto Rico resident turned to our disability insurance attorneys for help securing the aid she rightfully deserves.

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Our Disability Lawyers Successfully Appealed on Behalf of San Juan Client

Undergoing intensive outpatient treatment in early 2022 was one of numerous ways that our Puerto Rico client fought to survive the unspeakable hardships of her disabling depression. Her fragile condition is understandable, given that she lost three immediate family members in the shockingly short span of 15 months.

As you can imagine, her insurer’s unjust decision to terminate her benefits only served to worsen her already delicate condition—one of a long series of injustices that our client has had no choice but to endure. Considering that she was happily employed as a lead financial analyst not too long ago—a self-forged and highly successful career that she had every intention of continuing until her eventual retirement—it can be difficult to imagine the substantial life challenges that would befall this San Juan resident.

In 2019, our client’s sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After losing their mother to COVID in May 2020, our client’s sister passed away not long after. A little over a year later, she was left alone to mourn the loss of her father in September 2021. Losing three loved ones in such a short amount of time quickly led to a downward spiral for our client in every aspect, from her professional performance to her personal life.

As you can imagine, her severe depression made it impossible to perform in her high-pressure role, leading her to file for disability benefits with Reliance in late 2021. Even after approving her claim on the basis of supporting medical records, Reliance noted that our client’s precarious condition was expected to improve—an unreasonable expectation that was not supported by the medical evidence whatsoever.

“The records paint a different picture,” Attorney Kevin Schaefer pointed out in his letter to Reliance. “A picture wherein [our client] continues to suffer greatly from depression and continues to lack the functional ability to return to her demanding career.”

Attorney Schaefer went on to remind Reliance of the numerous statements from qualified physicians that confirm the true extent and anticipated longevity of our client's disability, including notes from her psychiatrist and psychologist, in addition to letters of support from friends and loved ones.

“I feel like I’m surviving,” our client confessed. “Just getting through the day [instead of] living.”

“This inconsistent treatment of medical reports [and] evidence used to determine she was no longer disabled is a significant factor evidencing unreasonable decision-making,” Attorney Schaefer concluded. “Reliance now has the opportunity to once again conduct a full and fair review of [our client’s] claim. We have no doubt that should Reliance review the claim with the eyes of a fiduciary, giving the proper weight to his treating providers, the correct result will be reached.”

Fortunately, Attorney Schaefer and the rest of our hardworking Dabdoub team successfully reversed Reliance’s careless decision, restoring the long-term disability clients that our Puerto Rico client rightfully deserved from the start.

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