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Dabdoub Law Firm Restores Disability Benefits for Atlantic City, NJ Client with Long COVID

This past January, a frustrated resident of Atlantic City, New Jersey turned to our disability insurance lawyers for assistance after MassMutual wrongfully denied her disability claim. Fortunately, our passionate attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm fought diligently to reverse this unjust decision and instate the disability benefits that our client rightfully deserves. Keep reading to learn more about this empowering success story from the Atlantic Coast.

Our Disability Insurance Lawyers Successfully Appealed to MassMutual

Our New Jersey client tested positive for COVID back in March 2020—the onset of what would ultimately become a years-long global pandemic. Her COVID case was extremely severe, confining her to bed for well over a month with fever, chills, muscle weakness, and an inability to eat.

Like many people, our client was terrified by the news of so many people dying in their homes and hospitals. While her condition was undoubtedly severe, she was understandably scared during this initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as more and more people continued to die on ventilators in hospitals, clinics, and other emergency facilities. Understandably, this scared our client into avoiding hospitalization at all costs, as she feared she wouldn’t return alive if she sought more intensive treatment.

Although almost 7 million people to date have lost their lives due to COVID-19, our client was one of the fortunate survivors. Naturally, the traumatizing experience did not leave her unscathed. She went on to develop long COVID and currently suffers from a range of debilitating symptoms, including incapacitating fatigue and significant cognitive impairments. Her condition also robbed her of the ability to continue in the career she loved as an echocardiograph technologist.

Even after overcoming seemingly insurmountable hardships since the wake of the 2020 pandemic, our client was repeatedly denied disability benefits by MassMutual. Instead, the company insisted on denying her claim even after explicitly acknowledging her disability back in 2020.

Attorney Kevin Schaefer, one of our experienced disability lawyers, wasted no time in pointing out MassMutual's blatant error in judgment. “There can be no question,” Attorney Schaefer said in his letter. “Dr. Alobeidy has consistently reported that [our client] has never recovered from her chronic post-COVID symptoms.”

Despite this glaring injustice, our Dabdoub client humbly provided more medical evidence to support her disability, proving that she still suffers from cognitive weaknesses that drastically affect her executive functioning—skills like working memory, self-control, and the ability to focus on tasks in spite of distractions.

Our New Jersey client has continued to struggle with the life-changing impacts of long COVID. Her symptoms not only rob her of the ability to lead a fulfilling career, but also affect every aspect of her day-to-day life and daily functioning. Although our client was incredibly active before COVID, she was forced to abandon many activities that she was once passionate about as a result of long COVID, such as hiking, biking, and traveling.

“[She] would also take care of most household chores,” Attorney Schaefer explained.

"Now, she spends most of her time resting due to debilitating fatigue and cannot enjoy any of the hobbies she previously enjoyed. Any physical exertion one day results in complete exhaustion the next day and so she avoids physical exertion.”

Fortunately, Attorney Schaefer and our hardworking legal team at Dabdoub Law Firm enlightened MassMutual to the error of their ways, successfully securing the disability benefits that our Atlantic City client rightfully deserves.

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