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Symetra LTD Benefits Denied for Miami Teacher Suffering from Prostate Cancer

A Teacher with Rapidly Declining Health

Dr. X was a respected teacher who has experienced sudden health challenges over the past five years. All of these problems have profoundly impacted his life. Until 2019, he was healthy, but a weightlifting injury led to severe back issues. Doctors diagnosed him with multiple lumbar disorders, leading to a lumbar fusion that year.

Post-surgery, Dr. X resumed teaching, only to face a new health scare. Blood in his urine signaled an advanced bladder cancer diagnosis. His treatment plan included chemotherapy and a radical cystectomy. During surgery, doctors discovered that Dr. X also had prostate cancer.

The surgery left Dr. X reliant on a urostomy bag. He has also battled kidney stones and ongoing infections, causing permanent kidney damage and chronic kidney disease.

To combat the cancer, Dr. X began monthly immunotherapy drug treatments. However, because of his kidney disorders, he had to take his chemo irregularly. This fluctuating schedule led to thyroid disease. Now, Dr. X needs daily medication for his thyroid, and he struggles with fatigue.

Even amid all these health struggles, Dr. X attempted to go back to teaching. Unfortunately, he faced further setbacks. Frequent hospitalizations and infections required more surgeries. His joints had also deteriorated, causing intense hip pain and an ankle fracture, so he needed even more surgical intervention. Dr. X had to take a leave of absence.

A recent scan showed that Dr. X has osteopenia. This condition is a consequence of the cancer treatments weakening his bones. At 67, he now lives with chronic pain, worsened neuropathy and fatigue. Moreover, his complications prevented him from using common pain relief drugs. Though his cancer is in remission, Dr. X is suffering from severe disabilities that significantly disrupt his life.

An Abrupt, Unexplainable Decision

Despite the significant health setbacks Dr. X faced, his disability insurance company unexpectedly terminated his benefits. The company in question, Symetra, acted after their nurse assessed him. Their nurse declared that Dr. X bore no functional restrictions.

This nurse's conclusion starkly contradicted Dr. X’s ongoing assessments. His primary care physician and cardiologist have consistently documented his severe functional limitations. They attest to his chronic pain, fatigue, and the kidney and thyroid issues that hinder him.

Dr. X's doctors emphasize the danger and impracticality of disregarding his complex medical conditions. Their insights highlight the need for consistent medical treatment and the reality of his disabilities. Symetra's nurse did not accurately represent the debilitating nature of Dr. X’s illnesses.

A Trustworthy Firm Stepping In

Our firm took decisive action against Symetra's unjust decision. We sent a firm appeal, backing Dr. X's claim with robust evidence. We gathered documents, medical records, and statements from Dr. X's doctors.

These papers clearly showed the real extent of his disabilities and treatments. They painted a picture much different from the one the nurse had presented. Our appeal also directly challenged the nurse's assessment. It pointed to errors and oversights in her conclusion.

Our team worked tirelessly to ensure justice for Dr. X. Because of our efforts, Symetra reinstated his much-needed benefits. Today, Dr. X receives the support his condition warrants. Our vigilant approach led to a favorable outcome for a deserving individual.

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