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Registered Nurse Comes to Dabdoub Law Firm for Disability Claim Help After Decades of Work

Dabdoub Law Firm recently had the chance to work with a long-term disability benefits claimant who happily worked as a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) since 1979. For decades, she was a trusted professional in her craft due to her experience, insight, and abilities. However, once osteoarthritis and a variety of other medical conditions began to set in, completing work comfortably and safely was no longer possible. In March 2018, she stopped work and began looking for help managing a long-term disability insurance claim.

Disability lawyers at Dabdoub Law Firm got to work on proving the extent of her disability beyond a doubt, as well as showing clearly how it prevented her from working. When both extent and severity are presented with logical explanations and correlations, it makes it all the more difficult for the responding insurance company to try to deny or undervalue the claim.

Some of our client’s most prominent diagnoses were:

A significant portion of our client’s employment as a RN depended entirely on the dexterity of her hands and fingers. In the average work day, she would need to inspect and prepare intricate medical equipment, conduct patient injections and IV setups, help with intubations, and possibly even conduct life-saving measures if a patient’s health rapidly declined. Osteoarthritis alone was enough to make it unsafe for her to complete these job duties as expected, not to mention the onset of her other medical conditions.

Furthermore, within her job description, our client was expected to move patients and heavy equipment, up to about 125 pounds. There was simply no safe way for her to lift heavy objects anymore, so we redoubled our efforts to clearly define her need for long-term disability benefits. We studied the reports of her doctor, who was adamant about her inability to safely continue her work due to her own disabilities and the job’s expectations. In total, we provided Ameritas Life Insurance Company more than a dozen key pieces of evidence to support her claim.

We are pleased to announce Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation was persuaded by our casework and argument on behalf of our client. She has since been granted the long-term disability benefits she needs and deserves.

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