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Man's Short-Term Disability Benefits Approved by Hartford - But Not LTD

A middle-aged man from Philadelphia experienced a rapid health decline in March of 2019. He was frequently rendered debilitated by nausea, headaches, balance loss, and even bouts of facial paralysis. After getting short-term disability benefits from Hartford, the insurance company disapproved of his long-term disability benefits, despite there being no improvement to his conditions. Dabdoub Law Firm challenged this conflicting decision and successfully secure our client’s LTD benefits.

Details of the Sarcoidosis Case

Our client’s treating doctors have tentatively diagnosed him with sarcoidosis, a rare disorder that causes abnormal lymph node growths throughout the body. The suddenness of the illness and the various health complications it caused seem to align with sarcoidosis. Unfortunately, the difficulty of confidently diagnosis our client’s health condition also makes it extremely difficult to treat.

In acknowledgment of our client’s disability caused by his health, Hartford approved of his short-term disability benefits without any issue. When short-term disability benefits expire, the insurer has to decide to either cancel the coverage or transfer it to long-term disability (LTD). Cancelation is warranted when the claimant has made a significant health recovery and can reasonably return to work in a regular or near-regular capacity.

The night before our client’s short-term benefits were set to expire, Hartford terminated them. Did our client make a miraculous recovery that night from his chronic, painful conditions? No, he did not. Our client remains disabled from his suspected sarcoidosis to this day.

An examination of your client’s medical record shows he has sought extensive treatments for his condition, which was also worsened and now includes back pain due to a car accident in the summer of 2019. In fact, in the span of just five months, he went into a medical professional’s care 20 times. All of those treatment sessions have not made a noteworthy improvement to his conditions, and so, he should have been approved for long-term disability benefits.

The transfer from short-term to long-term disability benefits does not rely on the worsening of conditions and disabilities. It only depends on their continuation. Even if our client had made some improvements, it would not make sense for Hartford to suddenly cancel his coverage. The only reasonable conclusion is that the coverage was canceled arbitrarily, given that no marked medical improvement had been made or could be expected any time soon.

Our LTD benefits attorneys from Dabdoub Law Firm provided a full explanation of their error to Hartford. It was joined with a thorough examination of our client’s conditions and diagnoses. We are pleased to be able to say that Hartford reversed its stance and approved our client’s long-term disability benefits.

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