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Hartford Makes Situation Worse for Jacksonville Man Who Loses Dream Job Due to Back Pain

Hartford Makes Situation Worse for Jacksonville Man Who Loses Dream Job Due to Back Pain

Our client was living his dream as a port engineer, working outside on boats and making more than $9,000 a month in Jacksonville, Florida. Unfortunately, his chronic back pain cut his illustrious career short, prompting him to file for disability benefits. Hartford approved his claim and even encouraged him to apply for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI), as well. After paying out all his short-term disability (STD) benefits, Hartford approved a claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits and issued payments for 24 months.

Then, the insurance company reversed course and abruptly terminated our client’s benefits. Hartford took this action despite observing no improvement in our client’s medical conditions.

At this point, Dabdoub Law Firm got involved.

Details of Hartford’s Senseless Denial

For many years before filing for disability benefits, our client had suffered from severe back problems and radiating pain, especially in his hands and feet. Only when our client’s chronic pain and neuropathy got worse did he file for disability benefits.

In a functional capacity evaluation (FCE), a physical therapist found that our client was only able to sit for less than 4 hours a day, an obstacle that bars him from even sedentary work. In fact, our client could only sit comfortably for 35 minutes at a time before suffering severe pain in his seat.

Additionally, our client’s providers, including physicians hired by Hartford, have consistently and regularly supported his total disability. One physician even considered our client “permanently disabled” and predicted that his condition and disability would worsen over time. Even the Social Security Administration (SSA) has recognized our client’s disability.

For Hartford to independently reverse course is, frankly, ridiculous.

Our client’s disability not only prevents him from working but also affects his family life. He can no longer enjoy hobbies and has a hard time helping around the house, putting undue pressure on his wife.

The last thing this family needs is additional financial difficulties due to Hartford’s unfair and inappropriate termination of benefits.

Dabdoub Law Firm Asks the Tough Questions

In addition to providing medical evidence and highlighting the details of our client’s story, Dabdoub Law Firm asked Hartford some logical questions. Why, for example, would our client choose to go from $9,000 a month in salary to $3,500 a month in maximum disability payments if he was not disabled?

Does Hartford disagree with the SSA?

By asking questions like these, our attorneys encouraged Hartford to “take off its insurance hat” and evaluate our client’s claim with fairness and logic.

We also gave the company the opportunity to avoid litigation. Fortunately, Hartford complied, reversing its termination, reinstating our client’s LTD benefits, and paying retroactive benefits in full.

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